Home Office – How to Stay Healthy while Working from Home?

Home Office – How to Stay Healthy while Working from Home?

Senad Xhemo

Web Developer at IT Works

For many of us, the year 2020 was expected to be groundbreaking. Many people in different aspects of life have predicted significant changes and progress. No one can believe that we’re going to be trapped at home for the bulk of this year. Some individuals are fortunate enough to work from home, so not much has changed for them at first glance. Nevertheless, we began to see that home office has its drawbacks, especially related to our physical condition and emotional state. We have to get used to a whole new lifestyle, primarily because it is more than possible that such a working style will remain with us for longer, even after the pandemic ends. It is critical that we learn how to make the most of this scenario. Staying at home provides us with a little more time, both physical and emotional, to take care of our welfare. With only a few simple steps to follow, I have prepared some tips about how we can better our daily lives.

The biggest problem with working from home is the fact that we are not on the move anymore. Staying at home means we’re moving even less than before. Our regular trip to the workplace, even though it was just a short walk to a bus stop, might be considered a physical effort. Some of us still have no chance to go to the gym anymore. What can be done to keep in shape and prevent extra kilograms being gained? To maintain the right weight, feel energized and safe, and even extend life expectancy, experts suggest up to one hour of physical activity per day. Our mental well-being is also beneficial.

Yoga, tai chi, qigong, stretching or any form of exercise that decreases stress levels, relaxes both the body and the mind and helps to cool down after stressful and emotional experiences can be perfect examples. These sports are not only soothing, but also highly beneficial for the muscles of the joints, spine and deep heart. Regular practice helps maintain a healthy posture, keeps the body in shape, improves the quality of breathing and encourages us to stretch in one position after a long day of sitting. Just 15 minutes of yoga a day brings incredible results, and after sitting at their desks for eight hours, people are no longer in pain.

There is a large selection of sports from which to choose. We may do any aerobic or hiit-high intensity interval training at home. We can go for a sprint, ride a bicycle or even go for a long walk, something to break a sweat, if we are able to go outside. In addition, you would be less likely to over-eat or select unhealthy meal choices during the day if you start your day with preparation.

Another advantage of physical exercise is that we can build a daily schedule around it. When it comes to mental health, having a routine has many advantages. When we know what to expect, the mind is more stable and we gain a sense of control over our lives. Therefore, it’s not only about having a lovely, balanced body, but also a sense of meaning and well-being. In particular, it’s highly recommended for those of us who suffer from depression or anxiety. The first step on the road to wellness is to take care of the physical body.

Starting a completely new fitness routine can at first seem daunting. It’s best to start with baby steps in such a situation. A brief stretching session can be carried out between the online meetings, or go for a walk during your lunch break. From day one, it does not have to be a major and dramatic improvement. Over time, try to add more to your routine if you feel more relaxed. Over time, try to add more to your routine if you feel more relaxed. And note that you’ll be more inspired to stick to this new routine when you notice the first performance.